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3 Misconceptions Surrounding Cats That You Still Believe

cat misconceptions

Whether your cat knowledge is new or old, it’s important to read over a few of these misconceptions.

Are you new to catdom, or are you a long-time owner?  Regardless, you probably still have misconceptions about how cats work.  It’s understandable; cats are common, the internet is filled with rumors, and some owners don’t take their cat to the vet nearly as much as they should.  For this reason, cat misconceptions fly around quickly.  Whether your cat knowledge is new or old, it’s important to read over a few of these misconceptions.

1. Cats will always land on their feet.


For the most part, cats are graceful.  However, cats dropping from higher ledges can cause health issues.  Veterinarians call this “high-rise syndrome.”  Even lower heights can even cause a cat to sprain an ankle, or even cause bone fractures.  Discourage your cat from jumping onto higher surfaces, and give them a safe space, like a cat tree, to perch.

2. Indoor cats are safe from fleas and diseases.


You can carry plenty of germs and bacteria on your body into your home.  Your cat might never go outside, but fleas and diseases can still end up affecting her. Regardless of whether or not your cat is indoor or outdoor, you need to take preventative measures to ensure they won’t get sick, or become infested with fleas.

3. You don’t have to brush your cat’s teeth.


Your cat’s teeth can become coated with plaque that will end up causing oral diseases and complications.  Brushing your cat’s teeth is the only way to ensure that your cat will be safe from this.  Ask your vet for the right course of action, and work together in order to create a good dental hygiene plan.


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