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3 Reasons it is Safer to Keep Your Cat Inside

The domestic cat is more likely to fall prey to animals that are bigger than them.

Oftentimes cat owners fall into the categories of having indoor cats or outdoor cats. There can be some debate between the groups about what gives a cat a happier and healthier life. But here are three reasons why keeping your cat indoors is the best for them.

Outdoor Hazards

Letting your cat roam unattended outdoors greatly increases the risk of them getting injured or even killed from a variety of dangers. Your cat might get into the street and get hit by a car, for example, which is something even wild animals aren’t prepared for. And even though cats are natural hunters and have the same survival instincts of their ancestors, the domestic cat is more likely to fall prey to animals that are bigger than them, whether that is dogs, or other feral cats that could lead to deadly fights. And a domestic cat’s fateful curiosity might lead them to play with poisonous snakes or rodents carrying diseases.


Speaking of disease, your cat could easily contract all sorts of nasty pathogens and bacteria from fleas and ticks outside. The last thing you want is your cat to bring these bad bugs back into your home. They don’t have to be bit by something to get sick. Often stray cats carry diseases like feline leukemia which can cause significant harm and shorten the life of your cat. And even if your cat avoids these diseases, there is still a risk that they might eat something that could make them sick, like a dangerous plant or even rat poison.

Missing Cat

Lastly, one major reason not to let your cat outdoors is they can easily be mistaken for a stray. If your cat doesn’t like wearing a collar there will be no way of knowing if they belong to someone. Your cat could then be put in a shelter where they could be euthanized if no one claims or adopts them. Unless your cat has a microchip, once they are missing it is very unlikely that you will be able to get them back. Although it seems like a nice idea to give your cat some freedom outdoors, the bottom line is that your home is the safest place for them.


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