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3 Steps to Cure the Litter Box Blues

Looking for answers about why your cat isn’t using their litter box? Thinking about moving their litter box, and want to make sure it’s a good idea?

We know it can be frustrating if your cat is having problems with their litter box. For one, it’s one of the qualities that makes them so independent – they’re not reliant on needing to be taken outdoors to do their business.

But a cat that doesn’t use its litter box properly can also cause uncomfortable situations at home. Whether it’s just a hassle for you, or the mess leads to embarrassment when friends and family come to visit, a misused litter box is a problem.

Surprisingly, many of these issues come from where the litter box is placed in the first place.

To help you and your feline friend, we’re taking it back to basics today when it comes to picking litter box placement. Here are three questions you can ask yourself when it comes to setting your cat for litter box success.

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Where Will You Put the Litter Box?

Location, location, location. It’s as valuable for real estate agents as it is for cat parents.

Although deciding where to put your cat’s litter box may seem simple, there are a few factors to take into account in order to meet your demands and those of your cat.

We can first start with where the litter box should not be placed: not near the kitchen or any other areas of the house where food is cooked, prepared, consumed, or stored.

Instead, it’s best for a litter box to be in a private but accessible area of the house.

Given that it is isolated from the rest of your house and provides your cat with a quiet, accessible spot, your laundry room may seem like the ideal location for a litter box.

However, the noise made by your appliances could frighten and shock your pet, making them steer clear of the area altogether.

You likely don’t want to plan your washes for immediately after your cat does their business. So, make sure the litter box area is calm and away from the house’s busier areas.

How Available Will The Litter Box Be For Your Cat?

Oftentimes cat owners assume that just one litter box is fine. But if you think about it from your perspective, unless you’re living in an apartment, you likely have more than one toilet… so should you consider more than one litter box?

If you do live in an apartment or a small, one-story house, one litter box is fine.

If there are multiple stories or the house stretches out, having a box for your cat on each floor will reduce the chances of an accident.

This becomes more relevant as your cat ages and starts to deal with mobility problems. Being forced to use the stairs each time to get to the litter box may be painful for them.
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How Will You Keep it Clean?

This is where litter boxes can seem a little less convenient than taking a pet out for a walk: you do need to keep them clean.

For how much your cat grooms themselves, you know they’re a hygienic animal. For their sake, it’s important to maintain the cleanliness of their litter boxes, too. We’ve put together the ideal way to keep your cat’s (or cats’) litter box clean:

  • Each cat needs a minimum of one litter box
  • 1-2 times each day, scoop the litter box(es)
  • Replace non-clumping litter weekly, or do a monthly cleaning of a litter box that uses clumping litter

Got the Litter Box Blues?

Is your cat having litter box troubles that aren’t resolved with these changes? If so, this can be an indication of a bigger issue.

At Catonsville Cat Clinic, we are committed to giving your cat the care they need to be happy and healthy. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to diagnose a wide range of feline disorders. To get started, make an appointment with us and schedule a checkup for your cat.

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