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4 ways to Keep a Bored Cat Entertained

bored cat

Your cat may get bored waiting all day for you to get home! Giving him games and distractions is good for his mental health and well being.

If your cat is overweight, destructive, or aggressive, there’s a good chance that hit’s bored. Some cats just aren’t satisfied to nap for 8 hours while you’re away at work. Luckily, there are many ways you can promote a more stimulating and enriching lifestyle for a bored cat. If you’re at home, you can engage with your kitty using toys, laser pointers, or other shiny things. While you’re out of the house, set your cat up for success. Here are some thing you can provide your cat to keep it entertained throughout the day.

Foraging Box

A foraging box is a box with holes on the outside and balls on the inside. You fill the box with treats, and the balls block the treats from falling out of the holes easily. This acts as a puzzle for your cat! You cat will be mentally stimulated while trying to figure out how to get the treats out of the box. You can buy a foraging box at a pet store or make your own with a shoe box and ping pong balls!

Videos for Cats

While you’re away, stream a video on your computer or TV for your cat to watch. There are videos on Youtube or DVDs that you can buy that show images and sounds of birds, squirrels, and other creatures that are fascinating to cats. Your bored cat will become captivated by these videos that are specially made for cats! Make sure your tv or screen is secured to something though. Too many times a cat has swiped at a bird on the screen only to have the tv come crashing down off the wall. This could hurt your kitty, but you’ll definitely need a new TV afterwards.

Pet Fountains

Adding a pet fountain to your home is a great way to give your cat fresh, flowing water as well as something stimulating to watch and interact with. It can also encourage better water intake! Just remember to keep a regular bowl of water out, just in case your cat doesn’t like drinking from the pet fountain.

Hiding Spots

Transform a bored cat into a happy cat by building them a box palace! Giving your cat boxes and paper bags to explore and hide in can provide hours of fun for your cat. Plus, if you have children, creating a box house for the family cat can be a fun craft project! Cat enjoy small spaces and soft padding. Don’t be afraid to get creative with this one.

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