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5 Common Cat Fears

If you are wondering what triggers your “scaredy cat”, here are some common cat fears!

We have all probably heard the phrase “scaredy cat” at some point in our lives. This comes from a cats natural tendency to be hesitant and afraid in new environments. Though cats are curious, predatory creatures, they are also very cautious and tend to be scared of anything new. Here are five common cat fears that your feline friend may have.


Though your cat will greet you when you come home with no hesitation, they may not react the same to people they have never seen before. Some cats will retreat and hide in their favorite hiding spots until the company is gone. This is especially true if you have multiple people over at one time because it can overwhelm your cat. It is best for strangers to refrain from trying to pet or pick up the cat until they are familiar with them.

New Pets

Right along with new people, a cat fears new pets in the home as well. Introducing new pets to the home is a process and needs to be done carefully to ensure the best results. While cats will normally hide when strange people come over, they may become territorial if a new animal comes in the home. For this reason, you want to gradually introduce new animals to old ones.

Unfamiliar Objects

Though inanimate objects don’t really strike fear in our hearts, they may make your feline friend uncomfortable. Smaller objects may not scare them as much, but if you have a new big piece of furniture in your home, your cat may have to take some time to get used to it. Putting an item of yours over the unfamiliar object may help them to get over the fear quicker because they notice a familiar scent.

Loud Noises

Of all the cat fears, this one probably is the most relatable. Sudden loud noises can really startle your cat and cause them to either jump or go run and hide for a while. Things like the vacuum cleaner tend to trigger a cat’s anxiety and send them to their favorite hiding spots. Any sudden loud sounds that your cat isn’t used to will likely startle them.

Leaving Home

It can be really scary for cats to get inside of a crate and leave out of their home. With indoor cats, the inside of the home is the only place that your cat is familiar with. Any time they have to be packed up and taken to a new place, it is likely to induce some fear. A change of environment is one of the most stressful things a cat can experience, so if you are moving your cat to a new home, be sure to be patient and gradually introduce them to the space.

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