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6 Activities For Your High-Energy Indoor Cat

6 Activities For Your High-Energy Indoor Cat

Activity is important for keeping your cat healthy.

It’s true that cats spend a lot of their time grooming and sleeping–especially when they’re indoor pets. But exercise is important for indoor cats, just like it is for dogs. Keeping your cat engaged in play and exercise can help them stay healthier. After all, over half of indoor cats are overweight, and it can be difficult to keep your cat moving to burn off calories and stay healthy. Luckily, there are some super simple tricks that can help keep your cat playing throughout the day. For your high-energy indoor cats, this can even save your furniture from unwanted scratching from bored cats. Here are just 6 great activities to try with your indoor cat.

1. Empty Boxes

This almost seems too simple, but it’s true for most cats that the empty box is just as good as the toy that came inside. You can quickly put together a small obstacle course that your cat will be able to enjoy until it’s time to nap in one of the boxes!

2. Fetch

It’s not just a game for dogs! Many high-energy cats can enjoy a good game of fetch, too. Throw small, easy-to-carry toys while relaxing on the couch or in bed to help keep your furry friend active.

3. Doorknob toys

Doorknob toys are a great option for when you won’t be home to help keep your indoor cat entertained. Hanging a toy that your cat likes to swat or bat around from a heavy string on the doorknob can keep your indoor cat amused all day long.

4. Mealtime Games

A good mealtime challenge can help slow down a cat that eats too quickly while helping to satisfy indoor cats’ hunting instincts. Try hiding smaller portions of food in hard-to-reach spots at mealtime to keep your cat active even through dinner.

5. Cat Trees

Cat trees are great for lounging and napping, but they can also encourage activity throughout the day. When choosing a cat tree, look for one with attachable toys and fun accessories for climbing and hiding.

6. Birdwatching

Watching birds and passersby out the window can be endless entertainment for your indoor cat. Try mounting perches beneath windows throughout your home so that your cat always has a great vantage point to check out their surroundings.


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