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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Kittens

Did you know that all kittens are born with the same blue eyes before their real eye color develops?

There is one thing that we all know about kittens and that is just how cute they are! How can you resist the small, innocent face of a kitten with those tiny meows? Kittens are a great pet to have, but how much do you actually know about them? Here are six things you may not have known about kittens!

Vision & Hearing

Surprisingly, kittens can’t fully see or hear until they are 2-3 weeks old. Even though they open their eyes when they are about one week, they still can’t see much. Because of this, they are completely dependant on their mom during this time. Because it takes a few weeks for these senses to kick in, kittens have a very strong sense of smell.

Sleeping Habits

You may think that your adult cat sleeps a lot, but they have nothing on kittens! Kittens sleep for about 18 hours a day on average, which gives them the energy they need to grow and develop into adults. In fact, they have a growth hormone that is only released when they are sleeping. When they aren’t sleeping, they are sure to be playing and exploring their home.

Right or Left Handed?

Similar to how people are right or left-handed, kittens can be right or left-pawed. As you begin to play with your kitten, you will notice which paw they use to play and explore new things. This is their dominant paw and the one they will likely use the most.

Small Spaces

An adult cat is very flexible and is able to bend their bodies into surprisingly small spaces. However, a kitten can fit themselves anywhere that they can fit their heads. This makes for a lot of spaces that a kitten can fit that you may have never even considered. This is especially important to remember when kitten-proofing your home.

Eye Color

Have you noticed that as your kitten got older, their eye color changed? This is because all kittens are born with the same bright, blue eyes. It isn’t until about eight weeks that their true eye color develops fully. This is even true for cats with the darkest of eye colors.

Uncontrollable Purrs

You may notice that you always hear a purring sound coming from your kitten. This is because kittens are constantly purring when their moms are nursing or cleaning them. Because they are so small, their purrs seem louder when they are kittens and seem to make their entire body move!

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