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7 Advantages Of Bringing Your Cat To A Feline Clinic

Examining a Kitten


It comes as no surprise to cat owners that their cats may not love visiting the vet.

For some folks, their feline companion’s nervousness can get so extreme that they use it to justify skipping annual wellness exams and preventative care.

While we all want the best for our cats, skipping appointments that could keep them healthy for years isn’t the solution.

Fortunately, a solution that more and more cat owners are enjoying are cat-specific clinics, also known as feline clinics. 

If the idea of taking your cat to a veterinarian that focuses entirely on cats sounds good to you, then read on. We’re sharing seven advantages to stopping by a local cat clinic near you.

1. Your Cat Will Feel Less Stress and Anxiety

We know our cats don’t love the vet, but why is that?

For the majority, feline anxiety arises from a combination of sounds, smells, and sights of strange animals. 

By contrast, in a feline clinic your cat will only be surrounded by other cats. There may still be some level of stress, especially if your cat doesn’t spend much time outdoors. That level will pale in comparison to having an excited Golden Retriever barking all morning.

What’s more, some cats do generally have stress and anxiety. To get a proper diagnosis, taking them to a cats-only clinic can help.

2. Synthetic Feline Facial Pheromones Help Your Cat Feel Comfortable

One of the most endearing moments between a cat and its owner is when they rub their cheeks against us. 

For those who are new to cat ownership, your cat is using the pheromones from the glands in her face to brand you as a safe and secure part of her life. 

At a cats-only clinic, it’s not uncommon to find that they use diffusers that release fake facial pheromones. The gentle release of these pheromones can help uncomfortable cats feel more safe and secure, even in a brand-new place.

3. Employees Chose To Work With Cats

While the “cat person or dog person” debate isn’t as black and white as it seems, it’s safe to say the people working at an all-cat clinic are indeed cat people.

Though they have training that enables them to care for all types of animals, they chose to professionally specialize in cats. More than just having an affinity for cats, they’re dedicating themselves to feline healthcare. 

It’s fair to assume, then, that everyone who comes into contact with your cat, including the receptionist, the veterinarian, and the lab staff, is a cat person.

4. Cat-Specific Training Is Provided To The Staff

It’s no surprise that cats and dogs are different. What can be surprising is the ways in which they are different.

For instance, an identical body language cue given by a dog instead of a cat can suggest something completely different. 

One example: tail wagging. For dogs, it’s almost universally a sign of happiness. For cats, though, it’s more of a mixed bag that ranges from them being annoyed or unhappy to a gentle sign of affection. 

With a cat-only clinic’s staff, you can trust they are knowledgeable in how to handle cats and understand their body language and behavior. As a result, your cat will feel more comfortable because its subtle language is recognized and appreciated.

5. Staff Will Use Up-To-Date Feline-Specific Methods

When it comes to animals, new studies, methodologies, materials, and tools are continually being made available. 

It stands to reason then that a vet clinic that serves all kinds of animals may find it more challenging to focus than a cat-only clinic. While this doesn’t mean their baseline of care would be much different, a feline clinic will likely be more informed on both current events and technological advancements in cat health.

6. A Feline Clinic Vet Has More Cat-Specific Experience

Most of us recognize that when we focus on one thing, we tend to get pretty good at it.

The same is true for being a veterinarian. One who treats cats all day, every day, will simply gain more cat-related experience than a vet who serves all animals. 

The difference may not be obvious in regular checkups, but a veterinarian who specializes in treating cats will have more experience if your cat ever develops a chronic or unusual condition.

7. It’s An All-Cat Environment

It’s an oversimplification to say that a cat clinic won’t have dogs. Yes, cats and dogs may have their fraught history, but it’s all of the other animals that can become problematic, too.

Does the vet serve birds? Or hamsters? Or reptiles? Depending on your cat’s level of confidence or courage, this can either be an overwhelming experience… or a tempting one.

In that way, a feline clinic can be safer – both for your cat and for the other animals, too.

For A Feline Clinic Near You, Call Catonsville Cat Clinic

Thinking of switching to a cats-only clinic? New in town, and looking for a vet for your cat?

At Catonsville Cat Clinic, we’ve been entirely dedicated to feline health care since 1997. To schedule your appointment, click here.


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