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A Cat And Its Whiskers

A Cat And Its Whiskers

While they make your cat look even more precious, the whiskers actually play a significant role in how a cat behaves.

Cats have distinguishable traits and features; from the color of their fur to their pointy ears. Sometimes they go overlooked, but the most noticeable feature on a cat is its whiskers. While they make your cat look even more precious, the whiskers actually play a significant role in how a cat behaves. You can find the whiskers on your cat’s face, but they actually have whiskers on their paws and legs as well! We’re always trying to figure out what our cats are thinking. Every cat has their own unique personality, which is what makes them so great. The beauty of whiskers is that they can actually help us identify their behavior, among other things.

What Is The Role Of Whiskers?

Simply put, whiskers help cats determine their current environment. The whiskers are receptors that send signals to the cat’s brain, giving them an ultra accurate sense of their surroundings. The sensitivity of whiskers allow cats to function in the dark as well as determining if they are  able to fit through an opening.

Whiskers aid in reading your cat’s body language

We’re always trying to figure out our cat’s body language, and what their behavior signifies. A cat’s body language includes many factors such as posture, size of pupils as well as positioning of their ears and tail. Whiskers or rather, the direction they point, are another way to determine the type of emotion a cat is experiencing. If it’s active or having fun, the whiskers will point forward; if your cat is resting, the whiskers will do the same. Any other type of movement, such as a flattened look, could signal distress.

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