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My Cat Is Not Eating Enough

Is your cat not eating enough food? It might not just be a personality quirk.

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Your cat does 1has a unique personality. That’s just a fact, because like humans, every cat has different tendencies. It’s what makes up their personality, and it’s what makes you fall in love with them over and over again. However, the personality is also the same thing that can drive you insane, especially when it comes to food. In many cases, cats can be incredibly picking with food preferences, whether it’s what they’re eating or when they eat it. If your cat is a slow eater, make sure to follow these tips to ensure they’re fed.

Don’t Overfeed

Maybe it’s because of Garfield’s physique, but there seems to be an underlying thought that a fat cat is okay. That’s not true! Cat’s can have weight issues as well, and if you constantly shove food in their face it will only hurt them. Discuss with your veterinarian the proper amount of food you should feed your cat.

Create A Schedule

Cat’s are naturally grazers. They are typically not meal eaters. Feeding your cat the properly measured amount of food in the morning and evening will allow them to nibble throughout the day without being overfed.

Have Fun With Your Cat

You’ve just come home from work, and all you want to do is sit on the couch and relax for a minute. You go to feed your cat, only later on you realize the food hasn’t been touched.

Frustrating? Yes.

Solution? Easy.

Simply take some time to play with your cat, and make them run around a little bit. Whether it’s chasing a laser pointer or allowing them to attack their scratching post, the exercise will give way to hunger.

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Dinner For Two, Please!

Sometimes your cat will mimic you. They’re connected with your actions, and if they see you eating it may trigger the thought for them to start eating their food as well.


This could be a serious health issue, such as kidney or liver disease. If you cat has been showing other symptoms like lethargy, behavioral changes, or constant meowing, bring them in the the vet as soon as possible.


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