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Why Your Cat Sleeps So Much, and What to Make of It

Why Your Cat Sleeps So Much, and What To Make of It

Most people aren’t aware how much cats actually sleep.

When you first bring your cat home, you’re quickly going to realize that it’s a significant responsibility to care for this pet. To determine the best possible ways of care, you have to understand how a cat operates, and ultimately how they function from day to day. For us simple humans, we should be averaging about eight hours of sleep per day. However, in the pet world, cats nearly double that, taking on almost 16 hours of sleep! You may be worried that your cat is sleeping “too much,” but fear not, this is totally normal.

Energy? Yes, please!

Have you ever taken a nap and felt completely refreshed, almost like you’re a new person? Well, cats are doing the same thing when they sleep, only their reasons are slightly different. While they are tiny and adorable, that’s also why they sleep so much. A cat, at its core, is a predatory animal that aims to hunt. Naturally, they are being hunted as well. When a cat naps for this amount of time, it’s due to the composition of the animal. Given their small build, they must sleep excessively in order to have enough energy during times of prey. Now, of course, your indoor cat will most likely not be in an environment such as this, but it is the primary reason that defines their sleeping habits. There is also a chance, and it is likely, that your cat will slowly adjust to your personal habits or routines as well.

How Can I Help My Cat After It Wakes Up?

After wake up, this is where you come in and enjoy all the perks of being a cat owner! Are you ready to find out how you can help? Are you sure? Okay. Toys! Yes, you read that correctly. A toy, whether it’s a foraging box or simply something to scratch at, is your best friend when it comes to helping and having fun with your cat. The reason for this is due to what it symbolizes. When playing with the toys, your cat will hunt after them, which basically simulates the hunting scenario. In this setting, you’re helping them burn off the energy they stored up through the sleeping process, while also having fun yourself. After they use up this energy, the cycle will repeat.

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