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Why is Your Cat Vomiting and Should You be Concerned?


cat vomiting

Keeping an eye on your cat is important. Vomiting can be the result of health issues that need direct and immediate attention.

Cats are almost notorious for vomiting. Itʼs gross, and we donʼt want to deal with it, but

this bodily function is sometimes necessary for them. Just as we occasionally get sick,

the reason doesnʼt always have to be because of something serious. However, keeping

an eye on your cat is important. Vomiting can be the result of health issues that need

direct and immediate attention. As a general rule, your cat should not vomit more than

twice a month. A visit to the vet is recommended If your cat vomits more frequently than

twice a month. Below are some other reasons why your cat may vomit and when to

seek immediate veterinary care.


While the following reasons for vomiting shouldnʼt cause you to be extremely anxious,

you should still see your veterinarian if the vomiting is frequent and to help solve the

underlying cause. One common reason for vomiting among cats is diet. A poor,

unbalanced diet or switching foods too quickly can easily upset a catʼs digestive tract.

Cats can also develop allergies to the ingredients found in their food. Your veterinarian

can give you alternative food suggestions to help diagnose this common problem.

Giving your cat milk may also cause vomiting since cats lack the enzymes needed to

digest lactose, the sugar present in milk.

Other causes requiring immediate care

The following are reasons for vomiting that would require more immediate veterinary

care. Poison is a common cause and can include Plants that your kitty might love to

chew on or easily reached household chemicals. Frequent vomiting along with

sluggishness and a decreased appetite for more than a day is also cause for an

immediate vet visit. If your cat doesnʼt bounce back to her usual self the day after a

vomiting episode, head to the vet to see if thereʼs something wrong. There are many

other causes of vomiting and your veterinarian can help you figure out the reason.

Is my cat vomiting because of hair balls?

You may notice the presence of hair balls that are dark and tubular in your catʼs vomit. This is

more common in long haired cats. However, the same rule of thumb applies to the

presence of hair balls- if your cat is vomiting more than twice a month, there is most

likely another underlying cause and you should call your veterinarian.

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