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How Do Cats Keep Cool During The Warm Weather?

A cat’s fur is actually beneficial when it comes to staying cool in the warm weather!

When the weather gets warmer, we tend to worry about our pets. That is because we believe that their fur would naturally make them hotter than we are. However, cats have a lot of strategies for keeping cool when it gets hot outside, including their fur. Here are a few ways cats keep cool during the warm weather.

Preserving Energy

When it gets warmer outside, you may notice that your cat isn’t as active as they normally are. This is because they are conserving their energy so that they do not overheat. If a cat is hot, they tend to just find a place to lie still to avoid overworking themselves.

Cool Surfaces

Similar to humans, cats look for cool places to relax when it gets warm. We may resort to the basement or laying on cool sheets to find some relief. Cats will lay out on floor tiles or at the bottom of a cool tub. They know that they can lower their body temperature by resting on these surfaces.


You may notice that your cat tends to groom themselves more when it’s warm outside. This is because when they groom themselves, they will feel cooler when the air hits up against their wet fur. This is similar to how the air feels cooler on our skin after we’ve been sweating. You can use a cool, damp washcloth to cool your cat off when it’s hot (if they will allow it).

Insulated Fur

As mentioned before, we tend to think that because our cats have fur, it would make them hotter. On the contrary, while it helps to keep them warm in the winter,  it also helps to keep your cat cooler during the warm weather. Their coat it designed to keep their body temperature regulated in all types of weather conditions. It also helps them to stay hydrated and protects their skin from sun damage.

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