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Why Your Cat Will Love A Cats Only Vet Practice

cats only vet

As a cat owner, one of the best feelings is knowing our feline companions are comfortable. Just like we put in effort to make them feel at home in our homes, a cats only vet makes sure our cats feel comfortable during their check-ups and appointments.


While cats can be considered pets just like birds, dogs, lizards, and fish, cats have their own unique needs when it comes to medical care. At a cats only vet clinic, you can be sure those needs will be met.


Given that cats can tend to be more anxious as they’re transported to someplace new, knowing they won’t also have to deal with different animals can be a relief. But that’s not the only reason your cats will love a cats only vet!


Below we’re sharing some of the benefits of a cats only vet – and why your cat will be purring with contentment with your choice!

The Staff Knows Cats Better Than Anyone Else

We all want the best for our cats. While a general veterinarian certainly knows a good deal about cats, a cats only veterinary clinic will take that specialized knowledge to another level.


That is seen most of all in how they recognize a cat’s behavior. Someone unfamiliar with a cat may not be able to distinguish between an upset cat, an angry cat, and a scared cat. A feline only facility will be able to help defuse the situation so that your cat feels at ease. 


In some cases, that can mean restraining your cat, while in others it might just be about a gentle, confident nudge. When you can trust the staff has a deep well of experience handling cats, you’ll know you and your cat are in good hands. 

Cats Like Quieter Settings

While your cat may be fairly vocal throughout the day, odds are they also like their quiet times nestled on a perch away from the hustle and bustle.


That love of tranquil spaces applies to their vet visits, too. If you’ve noticed how your cat leaves the room when you’re watching a loud show or having a small party, imagine how they’ll feel when they’re stuck in their cat carrier as a dog barks right next to them.


Normally cats have the freedom to at least leave a room they’re unhappy in. At a general veterinary clinic, though, not being able to remove themselves from these unfamiliar situations can cause them even more stress.

Experts In Feline Medical Conditions

General veterinary practitioners will surely know a good amount about feline medical conditions. However, their need to be conversant in the medical conditions of a wide range of species may keep them from going quite as deep as a feline only practice.


Because of that, one of the benefits of a cats only vet is that they likely be better versed in rarer feline conditions. While that’s often a result of just having more exposure to a wider range of cats, it’s still important.


Some of these harder-to-diagnose feline disorders can include:

  • Acromegaly
  • Feline infectious peritonitis
  • Hyperaldosteronism
  • Pancreatitis


Another condition that a cats only vet may be better equipped to understand is anal gland abscesses. The confusion is because of the difference between dogs and cats. Dogs with this condition may need to have the anal glands removed, while cats, though they may frequently get these abscesses, rarely need them removed. Instead, the treatment includes lancing the abscess and then a course of antibiotics. 


That may be more than you wanted to know, but we wanted to help you understand what you get with a feline cat clinic!

Take Your Cat To The Catonsville Cat Clinic

If you’ve been looking for a cats only vet, you’re more than welcome to come by and visit us. As a veterinary clinic dedicated to cat care since 1997, we are honored to be entrusted with your cat’s health and work hard to provide you with state of the art veterinary care.

When you’re ready for your cat to feel comfortable and calm during their checkup, bring them to the Catonsville Cat Clinic. You can send us a message and schedule an appointment here.

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