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Feline Facts Every Owner Should Know: Part 2

If you enjoyed our first dose of cat facts last week, don’t worry – we’ve got even more for you today! As feline health experts, we know first-hand how much pet owners care for their feline friends. Get to know your furry BFF with ten more facts that every owner should know:

feline facts

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11. A female cat can birth a litter of anywhere from 1-9 kittens, on average. The largest litter known to have ever been produced by a cat is 19 kittens!
12. Over short distances, domestic cats can travel at speeds of over 25 m.p.h.
13. In ancient Egypt, family cats that passed away were mourned by their owners shaving off their eyebrows.
14. Both cats and humans have regions of the brain responsible for emotion – and they’re identical in comparison to one another!
15. The earliest known ancestor of the modern cat was discovered to have lived nearly 30 million years ago.
16. Although feline researches are not 100% certain exactly how a cat purrs, many veterinarians believe they do so by opening and closing a specific muscle in the larynx at almost 25 times per second.
17. The smallest pedigreed cat is of the Singapura breed and can weigh as little as 4 lbs. The largest is the Maine Coon, which has an average weight of 10-18 lbs. Some Maine Coons will grow even larger and can reach up to 25lbs. while still being considered healthy.
18. The average number of whiskers a grown cat has on each side of his or her face is 12.
19. In one single bound, a cat is able to jump nearly five times its own height.
20. Domestic cats tend to spend almost 70% of their day sleeping. That’s around 16 out of 24 hours and suggests that a six-year-old cat has spent around four years of its life asleep.

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