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How Do I Know When My Cat is Sick?

Is your cat sick?

Is your cat sick?

Sickness travels, and it can hit your cat without you even realizing it. As a cat owner, you must be hypersensitive, and almost aware to the point that you don’t miss a detail about your cat. However, it’s tough for that to be realistic. You can be a great owner and still miss the signs that your cat is battling an illness. The worst case scenario is to be an attentive owner and still miss the potential clues or warnings that would suggest a sickness. To avoid ending up in that position, make sure you read on to learn about these possible symptoms.


For anyone who’s ever gone through the flu, or really any type of sickness, your appetite is the first thing to go. The same can be said about cats, depending on which way it goes. If they are consistently eating less than their usual amount, it could be a sign that they’re battling something. The same principle applies if they are overeating as well. On top of eating, if your cat is struggling with consistently foul breath, it may also be a signal that they have decay or some type of disease.

Weight And Mood

The weight of your cat is always a key indicator of how they’re feeling. If they seem to be losing an unusual amount of weight, it’s a clear indicator that you need to take them to your local veterinarian. Weight gain in itself could lead to a case of arthritis, or even obesity. The mood of your cat can say a lot. As we know, cat’s are quirky, and each one has their own unique personality. As an owner, you quickly learn how to understand their personality. Cats have predatory senses, so if they become disassociated or closed off, it’s a telltale sign that something is up.

Activity And Sleep

These two factors actually go together in a sense. The rate of activity in your cat is a key indicator of how they’re feeling. You know their normal routine by this point, and you know what a deviation from it would look like. The level of activity can correlate with how much or little they sleep as well. There may be an issue if your cat is struggling to sleep, or if they are sleeping too much. If you recognize any signs that seem out of the ordinary, don’t hesitate to take your cat to the vet.

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