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How Do I Know When My Cat is Sick?

Cats are susceptible to the spread of disease, and you might not even know it. You must be hypersensitive and acutely aware of your cat’s every move as a cat owner. That, however, seems almost impossible sometimes. How do you really know is your cat is sick?

You can be a great cat owner and still miss the warning signs that your cat is sick. The worst-case scenario is that despite your best efforts, you fail to notice any signs of illness despite being a diligent owner. Be aware of these warning signs to keep yourself out of that situation.cat sitting in tree


If you’ve ever had the flu, or for that matter, any illness, you know how quickly your appetite wanes.

Similarly, depending on which way you look at it, cats can be said to be the same. The fact that they’re eating less than they normally do may indicate that they’re battling an illness or ailment. If they’re overeating, the same rules apply.

In addition to eating, if your cat has bad breath all the time, it could be an indication of tooth decay or another disease.


Your cat’s weight is a reliable indicator of their overall health. If your pet appears to be losing weight at an alarming rate, you should take them to the vet right away.

Even if your cat is losing weight, and not gaining it, it could develop arthritis or other ailments. Any drastic swing in weight, up or down, is likely not a good sign.

You can also tell a lot from your cat’s demeanor. Everyone who owns a cat knows that they are kooky creatures with their own distinct personalities. As their owner, you’ll quickly pick up on their quirks and tendencies.

A telltale sign that something is amiss is a change in your cats’ predatory instincts. If they become dissociated or closed off when they are ordinarily not, keep an eye open for other risk factors.


In a way, these two aspects are intertwined. Your cat’s activity level is a good indicator of their mood.

By now, you’ve gotten a sense of how they normally operate and what a deviation from that might look like.

The quantity and quality of sleep that you get as a person can be influenced by your level of activity. Just like in humans, if your cat is having trouble sleeping or is sleeping too much, there may be a problem.

Make an appointment with your veterinarian as soon as possible if you notice any unusual symptoms in your cat.


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