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How Owning a Cat Can Benefit Your Health, Too

How Owning a Cat Can Benefit Your Health, Too

In addition to their value as hunters, cat ownership can also have some interesting health benefits.

Pets are a fantastic addition to almost any home. Soft fur, tufty ears, elegant whiskers, and soft toe beans, cats are amazing. They’re super cute and if you’re really lucky, they’ll hunt down the mice in your house, or at least scare them out. In addition to their value as hunters, cat ownership can also have some interesting health benefits.



It’s a common joke that people don’t own cats, cats own people (as servants). The preconception is that cats are unloving because they tend to seem very aloof. That couldn’t be further from the truth though. Cats are very affectionate. They’ll be the first to greet you in the morning, and not just because they want breakfast. They will come to the door when you get home. They’ll climb into your lap and rub their head against yours affectionately. These sweet, loving companions will fill your life with love.



Cats are actually really funny and it’s not just the cute, energetic little kittens. They each have their own unique personality and watching multiple cats interact can often be quite humorous. Cats often get themselves into interesting and funny predicaments, like on top of the open door or upside down in a box. They also are fun when they’re playing with toys or catnip, when they’re “helping” you with chores, or when they’re doing “zoomies” around the house. There are many ways that cats might add a daily dose of “the best medicine” to your life.



We’ve long known that holding and petting cats can help with certain medical conditions like high blood pressure and cholesterol, but new research is pointing to many other health benefits as well. Some research is suggesting that cat ownership can also help with autoimmune disorders, autism, cancer, Alzheimer’s and dementia, and even (surprisingly) asthma and allergies. Pet ownership is also helpful with mental illnesses, including PTSD. Having a pet will also help you establish a routine, which can be helpful when you’re battling depression and anxiety. Cats have also been shown to elevate mood and improve outlook in individuals suffering from mental illness. Adopting a cat or two into your home can add numerous healing benefits to your life.



For 20 years, the Catonsville Cat Clinic has been providing quality veterinary care to the cats of Catonsville and beyond! Dr. Pam Nesbitt, who purchased the practice in July of 2011, runs the Catonsville Cat Clinic with compassion in mind. A team of professionals with an advanced level of veterinary medicine is at your service to make sure your cat is healthy and happy. So stop on by; we’d love to get to know you and your cat!

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