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How to Deal with Litter box Accidents

If you’ve had your cat for some time, then chances are that you might have had to handle a mess now and then. But if you’re a new cat owner, then you might not know that cats don’t actually need to be litterbox trained. So there is another reason that your cat is thinking outside the litter box, and this post will help you troubleshoot the most common problems.

Check Health First

Even from a young age, most cats naturally use the litter box without needing house training like dogs. So if your cat is not using the litter box properly, then you should have your vet confirm that this problem is not due to illness. Some common health issues that lead to a cat avoiding the litter box is if they have a digestive problem, which means that they might have gotten into something in your house and eaten it, such as a houseplant. But another serious issue is a urinary blockage, which needs to be addressed immediately. So whenever your cat is having a litter box problem, make sure to call your vet to be safe.

Particular Cat

Often times,  your cat may dislike their litter. Don’t get discouraged if your litter or litter box choice doesn’t work for your cat. Sometimes it takes trying out a couple types and brands. As a rule of thumb, most cats don’t care for a covered litter box. It traps smells and is easier for you to forget cleaning. But sometimes, your cat doesn’t like the location of their litter box and chooses to go somewhere more privately, such as behind a couch. If your cat is having accidents around the house put the litter box in the location of cat’s accidents. Then gradually move it a little each day until you put it at a place where you want the litter box to be.

Cleaning  Up

Usually, traditional cleaners work when getting cat messes out of the carpet and other types of flooring, but you will want to make sure that you are careful to use the right cleaners for leather. The chemicals in cat urine will glow under a blacklight, which you can find at the hardware store, to help you make sure you didn’t miss a spot. Just remember, if you are cleaning in your cat’s personal area, such as their bed, then use non-toxic cleaners.


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