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How to Keep Your Cat Warm

How to Keep Your Cat Warm

Keeping cats cozy and warm these upcoming cold months.

It’s late in the year and already getting chilly outside, which is why it’s the perfect time to start preparing your cat for winter. Like humans, cats are warm-blooded, which means that, although they don’t rely on heat for energy, they still need to stay at a certain temperature to be healthy. Here are some ways that you can keep your cat warm from the cold.

Heated Bed

If your house gets really cold at night, then you could look into investing in a heated bed for your cat. There are many places online, and even some pet stores that carry them. The important thing is to make sure that they don’t exceed the average cat’s body temperature. You might be wondering if you could get away with an electric blanket instead, but that’s a bit too risky. First, the wires could be a hazard, especially leaving your cat alone with them overnight. But even battery-powered electric blankets might get too hot for your cat.

Sunny Windows

During the day, your cat will gravitate to sunny places around your house for warmth. If you’re gone for work all day, make sure that you leave the curtains or blinds open on your windows. It doesn’t have to be every window in your house, but at least two that are on different angles from each other; as the sun moves, it will still get in from one side of your house.

Air quality

As the temperature drops, there are other changes in the atmosphere. The air gets much drier, which can become uncomfortable to breathe for both you and your cat. The best remedy is to get a humidifier. That way, your cat will be healthy while keeping warm this winter.


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