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How to Make Your Home Kitten-Proof

Here are ways that you can make your home kitten-proof.

It’s a great joy to bring home a new kitten. But as you probably know, getting a pet is a huge responsibility and it might require you to make a lot of changes. In particular, you’ll have to make sure that your home is safe for your kitten. Here are ways that you can make your home kitten-proof.

Choking Hazards

In a lot of ways, you can make your home safe the same way that you would baby-proof a home. Take away anything that a little kitten can choke on. Choking hazards for a kitten include objects that are smaller than a ping-pong ball. So make sure that any of these little items, like craft beads for example, are put away. Another type of choking hazard includes cords, wires, and strings, which can all tangle up a kitten and potentially cause strangulation. If you can, invest in cordless items or tape down the cords on your floor. People often overlook the strings on blinds, but it is important that you don’t forget to tie them up out of reach.

Hiding Spots

Did you know that because of a kitten’s size and flexibility, they can fit pretty much anywhere that is the size of their head? As you can imagine, that creates a world of dangerous possibilities. Secure any vent covers and garbage disposals where a kitten could fit and hurt themselves. You should never let your kitten into the bathroom, where they might fall into the toilet and drown. Likewise, be careful when using your recliner because you never know if you might accidentally crush your kitten.

Dangerous Snacks

Curious little kittens will sometimes sniff out and taste things that could harm them. Just like you would for a baby, make sure that you lock up your medicine cabinet as well as the cabinet where you store your cleaners. In addition to poisonous substances, there are other things that you might not realize are dangerous to your cat. These include certain plants as well as human foods.


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