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How to Move to a New Home with Your Cat

Moving is a stressful time for anybody, but it can be especially hard on your cat.

Moving is a stressful time for anybody, but it can be especially hard on your cat. Your current house is their domain, with all of their favorite napping spots and places to hide their toys. But even though moving to a new house is like changing their entire world, there are a few ways to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Safety First

Chances are, when you first adopted your cat you learned the things that they liked to get into that they shouldn’t. When you go to a new house, don’t forget to make sure there aren’t any hazards that could hurt a curious cat. You can cat-proof your new house by tying the cords to blinds out of reach and putting plastic covers on the outlets. And make sure that you are aware of which direction each door opens and to check the windows as well so that your cat won’t slip outside.

Bring the Comforts of Home

The best way to put your cat at ease when moving is to show them that they will still have all of their favorite things from the old house. Make sure to pack all of your cat’s things together so that you’ll know where they are and be able to take them out as soon as you bring your cat over. Anything from favorite toys to a blanket from their favorite spot on the couch can help make your cat feel more comfortable.

Ease them In

Lastly, you should consider moving your cat to a new home as a similar process to when you first brought your cat to your current home. They will be very nervous and probably want to hide for a few days. Set up a room in the new house with their food and water on one side, a litter box on the other, and all of their favorite things. Your can can live in that room until they don’t appear as nervous. Then you can gradually introduce them to the house one room at a time.


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