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How To keep Your Cat Active

How To Keep Your Cat Active

While it may sleep a lot, your cat still needs daily activity!

Activity is key as a cat owner. There’s a good chance that your cat probably sleeps a lot throughout the day, and that’s normal. However, that doesn’t mean you can just ignore them. A cat needs physical and mental exercise just as much as we do. Now, while there are plenty of old-fashioned ways to give your cat that stimulation, there’s also a variety of new techniques with the progression of technology.

The Classic Treasure Hunt

There are two ways you can feed your cat, and one way is significantly more exciting than the other. The first is by simply placing the food in a bowl. It gets the job done, but is that really the most fun? The second way is by setting up a small treasure hunt with the food. Your cat has natural instincts to hunt, so by feeding this way, you’re allowing those sense to be stimulated.

Technology For Your Cat

If you have an iPad or any type of tablet, there are now games in which you can play with your cat. A popular game is called “Game for Cats.” Yes, it’s quite the appropriate name. In fact, it’s said the creators spent days brainstorming the name for this app until they finally landed on that perfect mix of originality. Anyway, the concept is simple, yet fun to watch. Essentially, the screen has a small laser ball in the middle. From there, your cat will chase the ball around the screen. This stimulates their instincts, and acts as an exercise for the mind and body.

Obstacle Course

The final tip for cat stimulation involves creating a unique obstacle course. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but a small obstacle course can help your cat throughout the day while you’re away from home. It can give them new territory to explore, or it could allow them to relax in a new hiding spot. Whether it’s an empty box, or even something for them to scratch at, this setup can make your life easier at the same time. An obstacle course can bring your feline friend a new level of stimulation.

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