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Misconceptions about Flea Problems

To prevent a flea infestation, there are a few myths to get out of the way.

Cat owners know that fleas are not only an uncomfortable nuisance for both them and their pets, but that fleas can carry harmful diseases. Fleas can burrow into fur and bit your cat which causes significant discomfort and pain. And once fleas get into your house, they can hide in carpet and spread to you, and they are difficult to get rid of. But to prevent a flea infestation, there are a few myths to get out of the way.

Myth: Indoor Cats Don’t Need Flea Protection

One of the most common misconceptions about fleas is that they can only get to cats outside. But, believe it or not, you can easily carry fleas into your home. In their natural habitat, fleas reside in tall grasses, waiting to latch on to passing mammals. Giving your indoor cat flea protection is like insurance against the chance that fleas might reach them from outside.

Myth: Flea Medication is Overrated

It can be easy to be skeptical of some anti-flea commercials that claim to make your cat virtually flea-proof, especially when some flea medications come with a hefty price tag. But despite the hype, giving your cat a flea medication is almost always the smart choice. The annual cost of many flea medications can be one-hundred to two-hundred dollars, which is far less than a one-time extermination job to rid your home of a flea infestation. There is a growing variety of flea medications on the market, so make sure to discuss with your vet about what could be the best option for your cat. You should always talk to your vet before giving your cat any type of medication, especially since there are knock-off over the counter types that could pose more harm than good.


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