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Moving With Your Cat

Moving with your cat to a new home is a struggle. You might end up finding your feline reacting badly to it, emotionally and physically, if they aren’t prepared. Cats are very sensitive creatures that find it challenging to embrace change.

Go easy on them and make sure you prepare them for a smooth transition.

With the tips below from Catonsville Cat Clinic, it will be less challenging to help your cat get used to the move.

Before the Moving with your cat

This is where you prepare your cat for the big change that is about to happen.

Train Your Cat to Get Accustomed to Being in the Carrier

It usually takes time for your cat to get used to being in a carrier. First, you will have to start putting food close to its carrier. After some time, place the food inside the carrier. When it comes time to move, it will be easier to get you cat into carrier. It’s important to go slow. Leave enough time before the move to acclimate your cat to the carrier. If you try to rush this process, your cat will become weary and you’ll likely have to start all over again.

Maintain the Routine

Strict adherence to your cat’s routine will make moving relatively easier. It will also make it less challenging to ease into the process. So, even while on the move, stick to its routine.

Visit Your Vet

Your cat will most likely experience anxiety issues caused by the move. There may be something your cat can ingest to calm its nerves pre-trip.

During the Move

Here your primary concern is your cat’s safety.

Feed them Small Portions

Cats get car sick too. Do not feed them large food while traveling as they may be susceptible to severe stomach upset. The goal is to make your cat comfortable, not rile them up or get them excited.

Put the Cat In One Place

Unlike before, your cat will likely be more comfortable in the carrier than out of it. Try to keep them inside the carrier. They will feel more safe and secure in a familiar place.

After the Moving with your cat

This is one pivotal phase of moving with cats. Here, you make your cat accept their new home.

Clean the New Home Thoroughly

Cats have a very sharp sense of smell. The moment they get into a new environment, they quickly pick up odors. If you don’t clean the new place properly, they may find it off-putting, especially if there were animals in the home before you. You don’t want to contribute more to its anxiety.

Let your cat Find its Rhythm

Trying to acclimate to the new space will take time. Don’t rush it, just let your cat ease into it. Make the environment comfy for your cat by providing everything necessary it would need, including the litter box. Also, ensure you frequent your cat’s home-base to play with them and generally feel comfortable about the change.

Catonsville Cat Clinic is Here to Help

At Catonsville Cat Clinic, we understand how challenging moving with cats. With our vast range of services, We can help your cat find peace at their new home.


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