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Preparation Checklist for New Cat Owners

First, a congratulations is in order. You’re going to be a cat parent! Felines can be wonderful companions that bring joy to people of all ages. Their soft purrs, silly habits, and affectionate nature are what owners love most about living with cats, and you will too. But there’s one thing you must remember: Pet ownership is also a responsibility.. Here is a preparation checklist for new cat owners.

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In a perfect world, our pets would be self-sufficient and able to satisfy their basic needs without our help. However, this isn’t reality, and caring for your cat is something you’ll be responsible for throughout their entire life, That responsibility begins even before you introduce your cat into your home. Making preparations for your new cat is vital to easing them into their new life and helping them feel as comfortable, healthy, and satisfied as possible. We’ve gathered a list of the items and preparations you need to succeed as a new cat owner. Take a look:

Checklist for New Cat Owners: before bringing A cat home

Your Cat’s Basic Needs

Litter Box –  If you have multiple floors in your home, it’s best to place one litter box on each level so that when your cat really needs to go, they won’t have to travel too far. Don’t forget to grab a scooper, too!

Cat Litter – There are plenty of different kinds of litter available, so if you’re having trouble choosing which to purchase, your local animal shelter or veterinarian can provide guidance and make suggestions on which litter to get for your new cat.

□  Food – Find out what kind of food your cat has been given and the frequency of feeding at their current residence. If your cat has existing health concerns, a vet can help you determine which kind is best for your cat’s specific needs.

□  Water – You already have access to water for your new cat to drink in your home, but it’s important to have a glass, stainless steel, or lead-free ceramic bowl from which they can drink. Cats need to stay hydrated, just like you and I, so always keeping their water bowl filled is vital.

□  Medication – Be sure to find out ahead of time if your cat has an existing illness or health condition, and have the appropriate medication they need to be treated on-hand before bringing your feline pal home.

□  Veterinary Care – Find a local veterinarian specializing in cat health and wellness where you can take your cat for regular check-ups and health visits.

The Fun Stuff in our Checklist for New Cat Owners

Once you’ve got everything necessary to satisfy your new pal’s basic needs, you can move onto the items that will keep them happy and comfortable both upon their arrival and long after:

□  Cat Bed – Cats tend to curl up just about anywhere they can get cozy, but if you’re looking to keep your new cat off the furniture, you can find a comfy, soft bed for them to lay and take naps in.

Scratching Post – Felines, especially when they are young, have a habit of scratching for the purpose of maintaining their claws, marking their territory, or simply getting in a nice, big stretch. Protect your furniture and other possessions by buying or making your own scratching post for your cat to safely use their claws on.

Toys – Playtime isn’t just for kittens! Cats both young and old enjoy having things to play and interact with, and there are plenty of cat toys available that can keep your new friend stimulated and even prevent biting or scratching.

□  Cat Treats – Who doesn’t love a nice treat once in a while? Having some cat treats ready for your new pal is a great way to welcome them into your home.

Looking for a Veterinarian for Your New Cat?

At Catonsville Cat Clinic, we are dedicated to providing compassionate and professional cat care for felines of all ages. Whether you have questions about preparing for a new cat in your home or want to schedule a wellness check-up to see how they’re adapting to life their new environment, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more.

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