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The Quirky Behavioral Characteristics Of Cats

The Quirky Behavioral Characteristics Of Cats

Cats can offer a lot, whether it’s companionship or constant laughter.

“Are you a cat or dog person?”

It’s a question a lot of people tend to ask, as if it says something about you. There seems to be an unfortunate social stigma that if you own a cat, it suddenly makes you a “crazy cat person,” or “crazy cat lady.” And really, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Maybe people still have The Simpsons’ character cemented in their brain, perhaps that’s the only explanation. Anyway, the answer to the question is that you can be both, as each are great in their own way. Cats can offer a lot, whether it’s companionship or constant laughter. They’re also underratedly quirky. Cats will do things that can’t really be explained, but they’re cute, and you just have to sit back and appreciate them.

Excuse Me, I’m Just Going To Sit Right Here

Every cat owner has experienced this behavior. You’re sitting at the table going over bills, working on homework or doing anything with the goal of being productive, and your cat will somehow find a way to plop down in the most inopportune spot. There’s no real rhyme or reason to it, except that they just want your attention.

“My Cat Just Had A Burst Of Energy Out Of Nowhere”

Cats are unique, and this is one of the traits that backs it up. Have you ever been relaxing with your cat, and suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, they burst into a fit of energy? You’ve probably seen it, and if you haven’t it’s probably coming soon. This happens when cats become too content, or bored with their lack of physical activity. They are animals, after all, and they want to release their energy as well.

Scratch, Scratch… And Scratch Some More

Yes, cats love to scratch. In fact, they’ll basically scratch anything. The reason they do this is to groom their nails, or claws. It’s also a sign that they’re marking down territory, which is a primal characteristic. A cat can sometimes start scratching in places where they shouldn’t, like a door or the couch. An easy solution to this would be purchasing a scratching post, or toys.

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