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Why It is Safer To Keep Your Cat Indoors

A cat that lives peacefully with other animals in the home may not realizes the dangers of wild animals outside.

There is a lot of debate about whether cats should be allowed to roam outside. While there are pros and cons to both indoor cats and outdoor cats, it is generally safer to keep your furry friend inside. This eliminates a lot or risks and concerns that come along with letting your cat outside. Here is why it is safer to keep your cat indoors.


One of the more obvious hazards that come with letting your cat outside is the presence of vehicles. Even wild animals fall victim to cars driving past at times. It is something that animals are not inclined to adapt to because it isn’t a natural part of their environment. Letting your cat roam around outside puts them at risk of getting hit by a car which could cause them a lot of pain or even death. If you make sure they are an indoor cat, that eliminates this risk altogether.

Other Animals

Though domestic cats are pretty good hunters, they are not nearly the size of their wild family members. That makes them prey as well. Indoor cats may not realize the dangers that come with other animals outside, especially if they live with other animals in their home. This may make them more inclined to approach an animal that is dangerous because they are curious or want to play. Being outside puts your cat at risk to be attacked by larger animals or even to get into a fight with another cat that is roaming around.

Are You A Stray?

If your cat does not have a collar or a microchip, people may mistake it for a stray. Not everyone likes cats, so the last thing some people want to see is a cat lurking around in their yard. They could potentially call animal control and have your pet taken to a shelter. They might even take matters into their own hands and that possibility is something you should avoid altogether by keeping your kitty in the safety of your home.


Being outside exposes your cat to a lot more diseases than if they are kept inside. They can be more easily exposed to fleas and ticks when outside since they are roaming through nature and encountering other animals that may be infested. Rabies can only be caught if your pet encounters another animal with the disease, so keeping them inside eliminates this risk.  People also tend to put down poison outside that is meant to kill rodents, but it is possible that your curious cat may want to explore it, which could end badly. Surprisingly, there are some flowers that are poisonous to cats as well. Indoor cats generally are a lot healthier and live longer because these risks aren’t present.

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