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Simple Care Tips to Keep Your Cat Healthy

Taking your cat to the vet on a regular basis to get wellness checkups or updates on vaccines is necessary to your furry friend’s health, but there are plenty of easy tasks you can perform at home to maintain your cat’s health. Check out these simple tips for caring to keep your cat healthy as they grow:

  • Give your cat fresh water. Cleaning your cat’s water bowl and ensuring they have fresh water every day helps to keep them healthy and lowers their chances of ingesting bacteria or other harmful things that can get into their water bowls. 
  • Clean their bedding. If your cat loves to curl up on a blanket or if you have a special kitty bed for them to sleep in, it’s important to keep it clean. Hair, dirt, and dust can gather in the fabric and can cause bad smells and discomfort for your cat.
  • Place litter boxes on every floor. If your home has multiple floors, ensure there is at least one litter box available to them on every floor. Single-level homes with more than one cat should have more than one litter box, if space allows. 
  • Keep litter boxes clean. It can be easy to neglect your cat’s litter box, but it’s important to their health to keep it clean. Even if this means cleaning the ones in your home more than once per day, you should try your best to maintain this cleaning schedule. A dirty litter box can provide an unhealthy environment for your family and your cats, and could make your cats avoidant of the box – which means they’ll find other areas of your house to relieve themselves.
  •  Groom your cat. Although cats are known to groom themselves regularly, a gentle brush can often do a more efficient job of removing shedding hairs from your cat than their own tongues. Grooming your cat regularly will also lower the chances of hairballs. 
  • Maintain your cat’s dental health. Just like people, cats can develop dental issues like tartar, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. If your cat is okay with you brushing their teeth, this can be a good practice for oral hygiene. Otherwise, make sure to bring your cat into the vet to get a cleaning at least once a year. 


To learn about other ways you can keep your cat as healthy as possible, schedule a visit for your cat to be seen by the experienced veterinarians at Catonsville Cat Clinic. We’re here to help your cat feel their best and treat any issues they may have. Contact us today!

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