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The Benefits of Adopting a Cat

Whether you’re looking for companionship or simply want to help out your local nonprofit, adopting a cat can be a great way to achieve both. But that’s not all it can do for you! Here’s a look at some of the additional benefits of choosing to adopt a cat:

#1 – You’ll be saving a cat’s Life

Many of the cats that you’ll find in your local animal shelter have been rescued from unfortunate and sometimes traumatic circumstances, whether they were abandoned, mistreated, neglected, or unable to be cared for by their previous owners long-term. The caring shelter staff nurses these cats back to health if they are sick or injured and prepares them for a new and better life as they await their forever home. When you adopt a cat, you’re saving their life in the sense that you’re providing them a safe, stable, and loving home. In some cases, you may truly be saving the cat’s life by adopting them, as some shelters are forced to euthanize cats that do not get adopted.

#2 – Caring for a cat has health benefits

Studies have found that keeping a cat as a companion has a variety of benefits regarding a person’s health. Although not all scientifically proven, research has shown that cat owners, specifically, experienced:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Better sleep
  • More relaxation
  • Lower risk of heart attack
  • Reduced allergies to other pets, ragweed, grass, and dust mites

#3 – Adopting A CAT Saves Time and Money

When you adopt a pet from a breeder, the price is often significantly higher than the adoption fee your local shelter will require. Additionally, many animal shelters handle procedures like microchipping, spaying, neutering, and vaccinating before the cat goes to their new home. Cats are often housetrained at a young age, and it’s likely that the cat you adopt will already know how to use a litter box – whether they are an adult cat or a kitten that has been trained by the shelter’s staff.

Pre-Adoption To-Do List

Before you bring a new cat into your home, it’s important to make sure your home and family are prepared for your new pet. Effective ways to do this include:

  • Confirming that your family members or others that live with you aren’t allergic to cats.
  • Getting pet supplies including:
    • Cat food
    • Food and water bowls
    • Litter box(es) and litter
    • Grooming tools
    • Toys
    • Collar and identification tag
    • Crate or carrier
  • Acquiring your new cat’s medical history and obtaining any medications they need.
  • Discussing proper cat care with your children.
  • Finding a local and reputable veterinarian that specializes in cat care.

Your Catonsville Cat Health & Wellness Specialist

At Catonsville Cat Clinic, we’ve been providing professional veterinary services to cat owners for many years.

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