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The Benefits of Regular Wellness Check-Ups

Cats are well known for their stoic demeanor and are different from many other pets in that they do not often show physical signs of pain or illness. This is the primary reason that it is vital for you to schedule regular wellness check-ups for your feline friends. Let’s take a look at some other advantages that bringing your cat into a professional clinic has:

Wellness Check-Ups

Wellness Check-Ups Benefit #1 – It Can Promote Socialization

Cats often tend to themselves and do not need constant stimulation in order to keep them happy. Additionally, cats are mostly indoor pets and do not frequently get to experience new people, places, animals, or sounds throughout their lives. Although your cat may be difficult on car rides or seem scared when they are at the vet’s office, taking them in for regular visits can help decrease their stress and anxiety by introducing them to new stimuli.


Wellness Check-Ups Benefit #2 – It Can Reduce Pain and Disease

Regular pet wellness visits help to more quickly reveal medical conditions that are hidden or overlooked while your cat is at home. Experienced veterinarians know the special signs and symptoms to look for when a cat is ill, in pain, or in distress. The most common issues that vets have found in cats when their owner’s have noticed no outward symptoms are:

Bringing your cat to see his or her vet on a regular basis can help you catch these issues before they are damaging or fatal to their health.


Benefit #3 of Wellness Check-Ups – It Can Treat Behavioral Problems

In the circumstance that your cat truly is showing signs of discomfort or has been having behavioral issues, bringing them in to be checked by your veterinarian for Wellness Check-Ups is helpful in understanding the best ways to correct the issue or treat the problem. Behavioral problems can arise when:

  • A new pet is introduced
  • A familiar pet is removed from the home
  • A new family member arrives
  • You relocate or move to a new home
  • The cat’s diet or schedule has changed

Sometimes, the reason for a behavioral change is not so obvious. Your vet can help you figure out what is causing the change and remedy it in a way that is most healthy for your cat during routine Wellness Check-Ups.


Catonsville Cat Clinic is your best resource for all of your furry friend’s needs in Maryland. Our compassionate and caring staff are qualified and licensed in feline care, and we offer a variety of wellness services to those in need. Contact us today to schedule regular check-ups and let us keep your cat healthy and happy throughout their lives.

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