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The Ideal Litter Box for Your Cat

A common issue we hear about from many cat owners is that their pet isn’t using their litter box properly. This can be significantly unpleasant, especially if it occurs around the holidays when you will be having family and other guests over. Ensuring your cat is comfortable with their litter box and that they use it as it was intended is important to both the cat’s health and the owner’s sanity. Take these helpful considerations in order to provide the ideal restroom for your cat:

Litter Box tips for cat owners

Consideration #1 – Location

Choosing where to place your cat’s litter box might seem like an easy task, but there are a few things you need to consider in order to satisfy both your needs and the needs of your cat. The ideal place for a litter box is in a private but accessible area of the home, away from the kitchen or where food is prepared, cooked, eaten, or stored.


A laundry room might seem like the perfect place for a litter box, as it’s separate from other areas of your home and is a private and accessible space for your cat. However, the noisiness that comes from your appliances may serve to startle and scare your furry friend, and leading them to avoid the room altogether. Make sure the space is quiet and separate from busy areas of the home.

Consideration #2 – Availability

If you live in an apartment or small, one-story home, your cat should do well with a single litter box. However, if you have multiple floors in your home, it’s best to keep one box per floor for your cat in order to reduce the chance of an accident. Additionally, older cats are known to have mobility issues, so if the litter box is on a different floor of the house and your cat needs to climb stairs to get to it, they might avoid using the stairs if it is painful or uncomfortable for them.

Consideration #3 –  Litter box Cleanliness

It’s of great importance to keep every litter box in your home clean for your pets (and for you). To ensure the best environment for you and your cats in your house, you should:

  • Have at least one litter box per cat.
  • Scoop the litter box(es) 1-2x daily.
  • Wash the litter box weekly (non-clumping litter) or monthly (clumping litter).


Is Your Cat Having Litter Box Troubles?

If so, this could be a sign of a greater problem. at Catonsville Cat Clinic we have the expertise to diagnose a wide range of conditions in felines, whether medical, physical, or behavioral, and are dedicated to providing the care services your cat needs to be healthy and happy. Contact us to schedule a check-up for your furry friend today!

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