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The Importance of Investing in a Microchip for Your Cat

Even if you have an indoor cat, there is always a chance that they can accidentally get out. That is why it is important to get a microchip for your cat!

Modern technology has allowed us to do so much more than we were able to before. Now, instead of just putting a collar around your feline friend, you can now get a microchip implanted. A microchip contains all of the vital information about your cat including their name, your name, your address, and contact information. Here are just a few reasons why it is important to invest in a microchip for your cat.

Easy to Find

Though nobody plans to lose their cat, it is something that is always possible. Cats are quiet and agile creatures that can slip out of an open door without you even noticing. Studies show that microchipped pets that were sent to animal shelters were returned to their owners 71% of the time compared to only 13% of those without a chip. In addition to this, when a lost cat gets taken to a shelter, there is a chance that they could be put down if it isn’t identified in a certain amount of time.

Collar Troubles

Collars are a way to ID your cat as well. However, because cats are so flexible, they are generally pretty good at finding a way to get out of their collar. If your cat isn’t used to collars or simply don’t like the way that they feel, they may try to find their way out of it. Collars can also get caught on something and slip off. For this reason, a microchip is a good back up to ensure that if something does happen to their collar, they can still be identified. This is especially important with indoor cats because they are less likely to have a collar on at all.

Whose Cat is It?

If your cat does get lost, you will likely go to local animal shelters to see if they have been found. Going to an animal shelter to see that your cat has indeed been found is a great feeling. However, there could be someone else there claiming that the lost cat is theirs instead. While no one cat looks exactly the same, some breeds have very similar features which can lead to a mix up. If you are in a situation like this where you have to prove ownership of your cat, a microchip is the best way to do so. This makes it as easy as scanning the chip to verify that the cat does in fact belong to you.

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