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The Psychological Benefits of Owning a Cat

Owning a cat can be very rewarding. In fact, according to studies, watching cat videos is enough to boost your energy. They can be affectionate, and a simple purring or curling next to you can create positive emotions and calming effects. There certainly are psychological benefits of owning a cat.

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Cats are beneficial to physical and mental health and can also be a source of emotional support for their owners.

While your feline friends may not be nice to your furniture, they can be a great companion and make lives happier and healthier.

Here is Catonsville Cat Clinic‘s list of top psychological benefits of owning a cat

Improve General Wellbeing

According to a study, cat owners are likely to have better psychological health than people who don’t own pets. Also, caring and playing with your cat can give you a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction.

Lower Stress and Anxiety

Petting or playing with your cat can release all the right chemicals in the brain. There is also evidence that a cat’s purr can help lower blood pressure and relax the nervous system.

They also help relieve stress and provide anti-anxiety benefits for their owners. Cats are generally low maintenance pets, which mean less stress for their owners, making them ideal pets for those who can’t deal with a pet’s rigorous care.

Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Cats can lower stress levels, reducing your risk of having cardiovascular diseases, including heart disease and stroke. One study showed that people who owned cats were less likely to die from a heart attack than those without one.

Great Companionship, Reduced Loneliness

Cats can be very affectionate pets, and they can reduce the feelings of loneliness by fulfilling your need for companionship. According to an Austrian study, having a cat is almost equivalent to having a romantic partner.

They initiate contact and engage in eye contact with their owners; this creates a kind of connection similar to human interactions. Having a pet that makes contact, relies on you can help people with feelings of loneliness feel better and provide a purpose.

Improve Sleep Quality

Sleeping with a cat can improve sleep quality. Some studies found that some cat owners preferred to sleep with their cats than partners because they slept better. Therefore, having a cat that sleeps on the bed with you can provide a sense of comfort, which improves sleeping quality.

Support Recovery from Mental Illness

There are several pieces of evidence that show that pets are helpful to people with mental health conditions, including PTSD and depression. Pets, including cats, help their owners manage their emotions and distract them from mental illness symptoms.

In addition to this, cats make their owners feel needed. Having someone to care for gives pet owners a sense of purpose, and this can help relieve mild depression symptoms. The acts of caretaking can positively affect mental health.

Purr Can Be Healing

A cat’s purr is therapeutic for humans. It is a very comforting sound that lowers stress and has a healing ability on human infections, bones, and muscles. Cats purr within a range of 20-110 Hz, which has a positive effect on health.

They Help Humans Cope Better

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Due to their ability to produce caking effects, cars make great therapy animals that can help people cope better with mental illness and loss. Cats can help people in mourning get over their loss easier. They provide mild therapy effects and serve as generous emotional support in difficult times.

Prevent Allergies

Cats can help kids overcome their allergies. Cat hair is considered a common allergy; meanwhile, early cat exposure for kids will help them develop a strong immune system not only against cat allergies but other types of allergies. According to a 2002 study, kids under a year old are less likely to develop allergies after being exposed to a cat.

Increase Self Esteem

Cats owners tend to have higher self-esteem than those without, studies confirm. It may be because they serve as social support that helps people deal with their struggles better, boosting self-esteem. A study conducted with 97 undergraduates show that pets can make people feel better after experiencing rejection.

Help Build Health Habits

The act of caregiving helps us build healthy habits. Cats need to be fed and taken care of on a regular schedule. Thus, help cat owners create a routine to take care of them no matter their mood. They give people a reason to get up and take care of them and, in extension, take care of themselves. Caring for your pets can serve as a reminder to care for yourself too.

Tell People a Lot about Your Personality

Your pet choice can tell people more about you. Cats owners are often seen as smart and intelligent people, and this isn’t inaccurate. According to a study, cats’ owners are more intelligent.

Also, cat owners tend to be introverted, trustworthy, and modest. If you tell people you’re a cat owner, they will think positively about your personality. A British poll even showed that women are more attracted to men with pets because they perceive them as more friendly and caring.

Improve Relationship Skills

Owning a cat can help people with their human to human relationships. People with pets find it less stressful to socialize with others. Pets also support social connections. For example, pet owners often bond fast because they have a common topic to discuss.

They Can Save Your Lives!

Cats are alert, thus can sense dangers and warn their owners. A cat woke up his owners when a gas pipe started leaking; another warned his owner when he was about to have epileptic seizures.

Although cats are different, they are generally amazing creatures with a lot to offer. There are huge psychological benefits of owning a cat. Whether you know it or not, your cat might be helping you a lot to help you stay happy, relieve stress, and improve your mental health.

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