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Tips for Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy & Healthy

Learn how to keep your indoor cat happy and healthy.

Learn how to keep your indoor cat happy and healthy.

Studies show that keeping your cat indoors is not only safer for them, but for the environment as well. Not only can cats get into all kinds of dangerous trouble when outdoors, but they can also cause significant damage to the local ecosystem. House cats, although common to us, are not native to the environment and their adeptness at hunting has left many small bird and animal populations extremely depleted. That said, keeping an indoor cat healthy and happy is easy when you follow a few steps.  

Set Up The Space

Be sure to give your feline friend a space in the home to call their own. Provide amenities like scratching posts and areas for cats to hang out in little “cat condos”- some cats like to be up high, while some prefer to hide in boxes. An isolated litter box, food and water areas, and a bed should all be in less traffic-prone areas of your home so that your cat can have its private time. To ensure your cat is happy, always keep the food and water away from the litter box and make sure the litter box is in a well-lit area. Not only will your cat feel more secure about using its litter box if it is located in a safe space, but you will need to check regularly to ensure there are no health issues.

Feed Regularly

Most veterinarians will recommend that you feed your cat twice a day in intervals of eight to twelve hours. In homes with multiple cats or if your cat is prone to eating all of its food at once, it is better not to leave food out at all times. While there are rare cases of cats who graze rather than gorging, cats are very prone to overeating.

Use A Collar

Even if your cat is always indoors, you should use a collar or microchip to ensure that if anything happens he or she will be found and able to return home. Chips are considered the best by humane societies. Additionally, a collar will help distinguish between your beloved house cat and stray or feral cats.

Never Declaw

Opinions on declawing had changed dramatically over the last ten years and for a good reason. While declawing may be the final step in preventing an ill-behaved cat from destroying your home, it’s likely that their urge to claw can be directed to appropriate locations with proper training. Removing the claws is a painful process that can leave lifelong damage and pain to your cat’s feet. Additionally, if your indoor cat does escape, not having claws will put it at an immediate disadvantage that dramatically decreases its chances of survival and ability to get back home.

Provide Entertainment

The most important aspect to any indoor cats life is sufficient entertainment. Cat’s need plenty of interactive entertainment like small toys to chase, laser pointers, and toys on the end of poles. Spending time playing with your cat will not only keep them active and prevent boredom, but it will help you bond as well. There are plenty of inexpensive and fun cat toys on the market, but it’s just as easy to make your own using household items like colorful straws and bottle caps. Just be sure that your cat isn’t prone to eating the toys you make.     


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