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Tips for Making Your Cat’s Vet Visit Less Stressful

Vet visits can be very stressful for your cat, so here are some tips to make those vet trips easier!

We all know the anxiety that pets  when they see their carrier being brought out and prepared for them. It’s like all pets know when it is time for a vet visit and are all equally as nervous. It can be difficult to transport your furry friend to the vet. Here are some tips for making your cat’s vet visit less stressful.

Carrier Training

It is a good idea to get your cat used to their carrier and make it a likeable object rather than one that only strikes fear in them. If you only use the carrier to take your cat to the vet, they will likely see it as a negative object and resist it. To prevent this, start to incorporate the carrier into your cat’s daily life. Allow them to sleep in it or use it for playtime. You could also take them for short rides in the carrier to get them used to being in the car.


Just like people, animals need love too, especially in high-stress situations. It is a good idea to give your cat a lot of attention prior to taking them to the vet. Playing with them and rubbing them can help them to be more calm when it is time to go inside of the carrier. The more relaxed they are, the better the experience.

Overnight Stays

Having to leave your feline friend at the vet overnight can be stressful on both you and your cat. To help make this easier, leave a familiar object with your cat at the vet so that they feel more comfortable. Something like a blanket or item of clothing is better than a toy because most cats won’t be in a playful mood while at the vet. Because this is stressful for you as well, be sure to ask all the questions necessary to ensure that you are comfortable leaving your cat overnight.

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