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Tips For Walking Your Cat On A Leash

Walking a dog on a leash is something we never think twice about, but what about walking your cat on a leash?

It can be dangerous to let your cat roam freely outside. However, the indoors isn’t a completely natural habitat for a cat. The solution to giving your cat the best of both worlds is simple…train them to walk on a leash! This allows your indoor cat to get a taste of the outdoors every so often and gives them the chance to really act on those hunting and climbing instincts they have. Here are a few tips for walking your cat on a leash.

Use A Harness

When walking your cat on a leash, you want to purchase a harness rather than a collar. This is because a collar could potentially strangle your cat if they decide to try and climb up a tree. Cats are also pretty flexible, particularly kittens, who can fit through very tiny spaces. This makes it easier for them to slip out of their collars.

Take It Slow

Cats tend to do their own thing and don’t always take direction, so it’s important that you take your time with this training process. Surprisingly, a lot of cats will respond to treats and being praised. It’s better to hold these sessions when your cat is hungry because their incentive is based on their needs, unlike dogs who have a desire to please their owners.

Start Inside

You want to get your cat used to wearing a harness before you ever step foot outside. A good way to do this is to try and walk your cat around the house first. Praise them with a rub or a treat when you get the harness on them and every time they take steps thereafter. If your cat tries to run and hide, remove the harness and offer them a treat. You may have to start by simply putting the harness around them and their belongings, giving treats whenever the sniff it or allow you to keep it near them. While training them, when your cat gives off signs that they aren’t enjoying themselves anymore, remove the harness and try again another time.

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