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Top 3 Flea Myths Cat Owners Still Fall For


While humans rarely contract any diseases from flea bites, pets can get very ill, and should continuously be taking preventative medicine.

Fleas are one of the most troublesome pet problems.  When fleas are about, your cat or dog is going to suffer through some itchy, and sometimes painful, bites underneath their fur.  They’re small and hard to spot–usually, they’re not bigger than the point of a pencil.  This makes it extremely difficult to catch fleas in their early stages of infestation.  They can spread to your carpets and other fabrics where they like to burrow, but your pets are their favorite hangout spots.  While humans rarely contract any diseases from flea bites, pets can get very ill, and should continuously be taking preventative medicine.  Here are a few myths that many cat owners still believe about fleas.

Myth #1: My cat doesn’t go outside, and therefore doesn’t need flea medicine.


Fleas can enter the home in many different ways.  You can carry fleas into your home, as well!  Tall grass and shaded areas areas are common areas for these little insects.  Once a flea hitches a ride into your home, it can reproduce quickly enough for you to have an infestation in a matter of days.  If you suspect your cat may have fleas, pull back her fur and inspect her skin for bites or tiny insects.  Frequent and abnormal scratching could also indicate the presence of fleas.


Myth #2: Pet meds are too expensive and not worth the cost.


Getting rid of fleas entirely from your home requires some serious treatment.  This treatment can often get very steep in price.  While flea medicine is expensive, a $200 annual supply is nothing compared to the cost it takes to remove the fleas.  Also, keep in mind that not all flea medications are alike. Call your veterinarian for recommendations because some over the counter flea products are not only ineffective but can also be potentially dangerous to your cat. Your cat is an investment and preventing fleas is just one cost of owning a cat.


Myth #3: My cat is the main source of adult fleas.


It’s easy to blame your cat for the high quantity of fleas in your home.  You may see a few on your cat and think the rest of your home is not in danger, because they’re attracted to her.  In actuality, in most flea infestation cases, only about 5% of adult fleas are residing under your cat’s fur.  The rest are in your carpets and around the rest of your home.  Even after the first treatment, larvae that was laid before treatment can still hatch 3-4 weeks afterwards.  It’s vital that you continue flea treatment until you’re absolutely sure all fleas are eradicated from your cat, and your home.


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