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Transitioning Your Cat To A New House

How To Transition Your Cat To A New House

If you’re worried about how your cat will react to moving, don’t fret, because there are plenty of ways to make sure they successfully adapt to the new place.

If you are transitioning your cat to a new house, there’s probably a lot of commotion. Whether it’s packing, moving boxes, and furniture, or just finalizing details there is a ton going on. As humans, it always takes time to make a full adjustment to any type of change. It’s a gradual process. The same can be said for cats, who absolutely become rooted in their routine and surroundings. If you’re worried about how your cat will react to moving, don’t fret, because there are plenty of ways to make sure they successfully adapt to the new place.

Manage Your Stress

While cats will sometimes go into their unique hiding spots, they’re actually very aware of your emotions. It’s part of the connection they have with you. Your cat will be able to tell if something is wrong. The best way to make them feel comfortable is by being comfortable yourself. If your cat witnesses you stressing, then they’ll probably start acting out themselves.

Remember to manage your breathing and body language. Talk to friends and family and have them help with the process. Moving is not easy on anybody and involving loved ones is a great way to manage your stress. It will help you and your kitty.

Don’t Make It Completely New

A new house means that everything you were once used to is no longer there… for the most part. So, to help your cat with the transition, bring along some familiar things from the old home. Whether it’s toys, blankets or any other favorites, the easier you can make transitioning your cat to a new house, the happier your it will be.

Cats are very territorial. Having objects around them that they are familiar with, and even smell like home for them, can go a long way.

Even just bringing a scratching post, it’s something that will occupy them in the short-term and make it feel like home. You can also take the initiative to set up things ahead of time, even if it’s as simple as a cardboard box for your cat to play with at first.


You need to go through the important parts of your home and think about how it’ll affect your cat when you first get there. The new house could have dangerous areas, and the last thing you want is for your cat to get hurt as soon as you get there. Make sure you close off any unnecessary rooms or holes where your cat could get stuck. Even though you’re in a new place, the goal is to make your cat feel like they’ve been there for years.

Make It A Slow Process

It’s basically a whole new world to your cat, so don’t introduce them to everything all at once. It would be incredibly overwhelming. Let them become familiar with one room at a time.

Set them up with a home base in one room. Keep their litter box, food, water, toys… everything in that one room. You can leave the door cracked to encourage exploring, but cats need to be in control of their environment. If you try to force your cat to acclimate too quickly, it will back fire on you and take even longer

Finally, if you’re moving to an entirely new city, make sure to introduce your cat to the local veterinarian.

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