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Unhappy Cat?

How can you tell if your cat is unhappy? They can’t talk or leave you notes on the fridge. It all has to do with their behavior.

Cats have different personalities. If yours is generally sociable and friendly, but their mood has recently changed, it could mean something is wrong.

Not sure about your cat’s emotional state? Catonsville Cat Clinic has put together list to help know what to look for

Signs of an Unhappy Cat


Unhappy cats always have a switch in their personality, including how much food they eat. They either start eating less or too much.

If your cats start overeating or stop eating, then that’s an obvious sign that something is wrong; it could be depression or illness. Monitor your cat’s eating habits to note any sudden change.

Body Language

Body language can say a lot about your cat’s feelings. From their eyes, ears, tails, and fur, you can tell if your cat is down. Tucked tail, standing fur, and ears held back are visible clues that your cat is unhappy. Also, you can see it in their eyes if something is wrong.


An unhappy cat can become louder, especially in the case of a loud cat, become quieter. If you notice your cat is vocalizing too loud or becomes unusually quiet, then don’t ignore it.


Hiding is common when cats are in a new environment or when strangers are in the home. Sometimes, cats hide when they want to rest or sleep. However, when your cat starts hiding for no apparent reason, then you should look further. Your cat may be hiding because they have lost interest in activities they enjoy or because they are trying to hide their feelings from you.


An average cat can sleep up to 12 – 15 hours a day; sad cats sleep even more. If you notice that your cat is sleeping excessively compared to before, then something is wrong. Another indication that your cat may be unhappy is if they change their favorite sleeping spot.

Over or Under Grooming

Cats are very neat, and they love to groom themselves often. If your cat stops grooming, leaving their coat looking unkempt, avoiding their litter box, then you have a sign that they are unhappy or ill. On the other hand, unhappy cats may start grooming excessively. Either way, it shows something isn’t right.


An unhappy cat can become aggressive and hostile. If your cat is normally friendly and social but suddenly becomes abnormally aggressive, then something is up.

Disinterest in Normal Activities

If your cat starts lying around, stops running around, becomes less responsive towards their usual activities, it could mean that they don’t feel well emotionally.

Catonsville Cat Clinic is here to help

Cats aren’t as mysterious as we think. Any unusual change in your cat’s routine or habits shows that something is wrong. If you pay attention, you’d be able to pick up signs that they are unhappy.

Don’t fret if you notice one or more of these signs. Just visit a vet for the right prognosis, treatment and recommendations on how to make your furry friend happy again.

Not sure how your cat is feeling or need help to manage your cat’s unhappiness? Let us help you!

At Catonsville Cat Clinic we offer different veterinary services to keep your cats healthy and happy. Contact us today for the best veterinary attention for your feline.





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