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Welcome and Introduction

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog page! I want to take a few minutes to introduce myself and let you know a little about me and what to expect from this blog page. I am originally from Tennessee and moved to Baltimore, MD when I graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine in 2001. My passion since I was 5 years old has been cats. I remember a very patient siamese cat I loved named Miko who allowed me to wrap her in toilet paper ‘bandages’ and play ‘vet’ with her when I was 10 years old. Well– I grew up and am so fortunate and blessed to be given the opportunity to care for them in real life- not just with mock bandages! I am particularly excited to own a clinic devoted exclusively to their care and well being-it is a dream come true for me!

Cats are unique creatures. Loving them comes easy but understanding them is a life long commitment. It is my goal to help you better understand your cat through this blog. I will try to focus on different aspects of kitty health and behavior that will hopefully be applicable to you and give you some insight and about your own cat. It is also my goal to publish videos on YouTube to better enable you to care for your cat. I will let you know when that site is launched.

I do have a confession. If you already cannot guess…..I am NOT a writer. Never have been and never will be. What I want to do is to hopefully explain medical conditions,diseases,and behaviors in easy to understand everyday language. I want this site to apply to issues you deal with in your own cats. I welcome any comments and requests. We all have the same goal- keeping our kitties healthy so we can enjoy a long life with them!

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