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What is Cat Grass?

You’ve probably seen little square cartons of cat grass at pet stores or even grocery stores. Have you ever wondered what it is? If you never had any experience with it, then it might sound strange to buy your cat their own personal houseplant. This post will clear up the confusion surrounding this plant.

Cat Grass is Not Catnip

It can be easy to assume that cat grass is just another word for catnip, but they are two very different plants. Cat grass comes from a cereal grain similar to wheat or barley. If you’ve ever heard of wheatgrass superfood powders then it’s the same exact plant.

If you find cat grass in stores, it always be growing fresh, whereas catnip is usually sold dried. The biggest difference between the two is their effects on your cat. Cat grass does not have any , while the scent of catnip can make your cat either calm or hyperactive.

What is Cat Grass for?

It is a simple and fun way to add some health to your cat’s routine. One of the health benefits of cat grass is it adds vitamins like folic acid which your cat wouldn’t otherwise get from an all meat diet. It’s the same reason why those trendy wheatgrass smoothies are popular for us humans.

It also provides fiber which can help your cat if they have digestive issues. However, if your cat is known for a hairball problem then keep an eye on their consumption because it could encourage vomiting. Cat grass is a safe alternative if your cat likes to try eating your other houseplants, which could be poisonous.

How to Use It

If you’re ready to give cat grass a try, then you have to do nothing more than pick up some at the store and set it in an area accessible to your cat.

Most cats will quickly become interested and give it a nibble, since eating grass is part of their instincts in the wild. Make sure to check on your cat grass and water it a little if it becomes dry. Just don’t over-water it. It should last between one and three weeks before it yellows and dries out and it’s time to buy a new one.

If you want to grow your own, you can buy seeds in a pet store or online. Just plant them in a plastic flower pot in a sunny area. Water it just enough to keep it from drying out. Once it grows to about two or three inches long, then it is ready for your cat.


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