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What is Making My Cat Sneeze?

Witnessing a cat sneeze can be one of the most adorable things you experience as a pet owner. Just like when humans sneeze, the trigger can be obvious, or it can seem completely out of the blue. Take a look at why your cat might be sneezing, and whether or not it’s time to see your vet:

cat sneeze

Cat Sneeze Cause #1 – Allergy

Although pollen allergies are not frequently observed in cats, there are other allergens like fleas and environmental irritants that affect some felines more than others. The sneezing you may be witnessing in your cat can be their response to an irritating substance in their surroundings that they are attempting to rid their body of.

Cause #2 – Respiratory Illness

Similar to humans, cats can get viral infections that target their respiratory systems. These tend to trigger ‘common cold’ symptoms in cats, like sneezing, watery eyes, and feline cough.

Cause #3 – Chemical Irritant

From perfume or cologne to household cleaners or disinfectants, there are various chemicals that can be present in the air of your home throughout the day. The smells and fumes associated with these solvents can produce inflammation in your cat’s sinuses, leading them to sneeze to try to get rid of the irritant.

Cause #4 – Dental Disease

The dental area is close to the nasal cavity, it isn’t uncommon for them to affect one another. Cats with dental disease, especially those that involve a root infection, may experience sneezing due to tooth bacteria establishing in the sinuses and causing inflammation.

Cause #5 – Intranasal Medication

When your cat has a respiratory infection, it can sometimes treated with administering a nasal spray antibiotic. Sneezing is a normal side effect of these nasal sprays. Any symptoms your cat exhibits after receiving a vaccine should be mild and only last a few days. So, if they appear to be sneezing or reacting abnormally for a longer period of time,  let your vet know.

Does Your Cat Sneeze Excessively?

If your furry friend has been sneezing or exhibiting related symptoms of allergies or discomfort more frequently than normal, give the veterinary specialists at Catonsville Cat Clinic a call. We diagnose and treat a wide range of feline health issues. Catonsville Cat Clinic is here to help your cat live their happiest and healthiest life. Reach out today to schedule an appointment.

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