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What Your Cat’s Tail is Trying to Tell You

If your cat’s tail is puffed up and frizzy, that generally means that they are frightened and are trying to make themselves look bigger!

Animals communicate with people through both sound and body language. Your feline friend will often use their tail to communicate how they are feeling. If you are trying to figure out what type of mood your cat is in, here is what your cat’s tail is trying to tell you.

High Position

If your cat’s tail is held high up in the air, this mean that they are feeling happy and confident. Typically, a cat will have their tail up high when they are in their own space. This is letting you know that they are happy and probably willing to be friendly and social.

Curved Tail

With a curved tail, the tail is still held up high, but has a curve on the end, resembling a question mark. This generally means that your cat is in a playful mood and wants your attention to burn off some of that playful energy.

Low Position

It begins to be a concern when your cat’s tail is pointed straight down. This could be a sign of aggression or seriousness. A cat will lower their tail when they are in a situation where they might have to attack. If their tail is completely tucked underneath of them, this means that they are scared or nervous.

Puffed Up

You may notice that after your cat gets startled, their tail will become really fluffy and big. This is another indicator that your cat is frightened and they are trying to make themselves look bigger to deter a possible predator.

Swishing Tail

If your cat’s tail is swaying from side to side at a steady, slow pace, this means that they are focused on a specific object. This is what their tail does right before they are about to pounce on an object. Be careful, however, if they are whipping their tail really hard rather than slowly because this is a sign of fear and aggression.


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