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Why A Rescue Cat?

Not only is adopting a shelter cat a good idea, but it is the best way to get a new cat for several reasons.

It has been popular for some time now to adopt a pet from a shelter instead of buying it at a pet store. Maybe you have taken it for granted. But you might also wonder if there is a big difference, and why adopting a shelter cat is so important. Not only is adopting a good idea, but it is the best way to get a new cat for several reasons.

Humane and Responsible

First of all, animal shelters are places that both contribute to and advocate for animal rights. By taking in stray and unwanted pets, a shelter can help prevent cruelty such as abandonment or abuse, or inhumane slaughtering of these animals. Unfortunately, many pet stores used to get their animals from mills, which are places that mass-breed cats and dogs under inhumane conditions to turn a profit. Although some pet stores are starting to develop more screening and an adoption process of their own to prevent this cruelty, you can’t always be sure.

Save a Life

Although animal shelters are trying their best to provide proper care to their animals, the sad truth is that many shelters are forced to put them down if they become too full. The euthanization process in humane and painless, but it is still a tragedy for an animal that could have enjoyed the rest of its life in a loving home instead. Euthanizing shelter animals is a controversial issue, which is why you might see more and more no-kill shelters coming up. But either way, by adopting a shelter animal you are literally saving their life.

Tremendous Support

Animal shelters will often go to great lengths to encourage more people to adopt. They might provide spay and neuter services from a qualified vet, microchipping, pet licenses, and plenty of education for how to take care of your new cat. You might not have such care at a pet store, where you simply purchase the animal and are left to figure it out. But animal shelters want the best for you and your cat and work closely with vets to make sure that they will live out a happy and healthy life.


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