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Working from Home with Cats: Part 2

Last week, we went over some important things for cat owners to consider when they are working from home due to the current health crisis affecting people across the globe. (If you haven’t read Part 1, you can find it here!) Today, we’re sharing tips for what to do if your cat is a distraction while you work, as well as how to provide them the care and attention they deserve when you find yourself with this added time at home.

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How to Reduce Interruptions by Your Cat

By nature, cats are curious, mischievous, and attention-loving creatures, which is part of the reason they can be fun to have around. However, if this behavior occurs when you’re working from home and trying to get vital tasks accomplished efficiently, it can be a real distraction. Achieving harmony together with your furry friend while getting your work done is possible. Here are some helpful tips!

Tip #1

Schedule playtime breaks with your cat throughout your workday. 5-10 minutes per break should provide enough engagement to keep them from become bored and restless.

Tip #2

If you’re unable to take breaks and are overwhelmed with work, consider setting up interactive play areas throughout the house for your furry pal.

Tip #3

Since loud noises, like a phone ringing, and higher voice pitches can agitate cats and put them on high alert, place your cat in a separate room when taking long phone calls.

Tip #4

If your cat is like most, he or she loves to be wherever you are. To keep them from jumping on your desk, table, or other workspace, create a cozy spot for them that’s close to you so you can more easily establish boundaries.

Tip #5

Cats have a strong desire for acknowledgement, so they’ll often take their owners’ reprimands as an offering of attention. This reinforces the behavior you are trying to reduce by reprimanding them. Instead, try to ignore attention-seeking behaviors and reward your furry friend with playtime or affection when they’ve stayed calm and quiet.

Establishing a New Cat Care Routine

Cats love routine, and if they’re used to you being gone all day, their normal routine may undergo a big change once you begin working from home. Luckily, it isn’t difficult to get your cat into a new routine, whether it’s going to be permanent or temporary. The first few days you are home, your cat may not know exactly how to adjust. Properly caring for your cat and ensuring they stay happy and healthy means you’ll need to spend time developing a new, mutually-beneficial schedule.

Planning out a new routine and sticking to it each day will help them adapt and become accustomed to your schedule more quickly. Make sure to do the following (if applicable) when trying to establish this new routine for your cat:

  • Try to wake up at the same time each morning and go to bed around the same time each night.
  • If your cat is allowed to roam outdoors, be sure to let them in and out periodically throughout your day.
  • It’s okay to alter your cat’s feeding times, but ensure you’re not feeding them a smaller or larger amount of food in a day than you used to (unless your veterinarian instructs otherwise due to a health or behavioral concern).
  • If your employer allows you to adjust your own work schedule, take advantage of your cat’s normal sleeping schedule and dedicate that time to work.
  • There’s no such thing as “too frequently” when it comes to scooping your cat’s litter box. Take advantage of your extra time at home by checking the box throughout the day and ensuring they have a clean place to take care of their business.

When you start spending more time around your cat, you’ll probably start to notice some new or different behaviors in them. This could be their way of adjusting to an altered schedule, or you might just be new to witnessing behaviors that are normal to your cat during daytime hours that you were previously not present for.

No matter the case, if you have concerns about your cat’s health or behavior as you both become accustomed to your newfound time at home, reach out to the veterinary specialists at Catonsville Cat Clinic. Our practice is dedicated to promoting the health and wellness of felines, and we’re here to answer any questions you might have about your cat’s health during this adjustment period. Contact our Catonsville, MD veterinary office and get your cat the care they need today.

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