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Does My Cat Love Me?

Whether your cat is highly active or the shy, skittish type, there are plenty of behaviors that are shared among felines that allow them to show their affection for their owners. Here are some of those behaviors that can mean “I love you” in cat language.

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The purr of a cat can be one of the most calming and relaxing sounds they make. Though sometimes purring can signify discomfort, nervousness, or agitation, if your cat is purring while relaxing on your lap or sitting calmly nearby, that’s one way of telling you they love you.


Another sign of affection is when your cat gives you a sweet nudge with their head or rubs their cheek against you. Cats have glands in their cheeks that they rub against people and objects as a way of marking their territory. When your feline friend does this to you, they are expressing that they cherish you and that you belong to them.


A behavior that begins when kittens nurse from their mothers, kneading is when cats gently press their paws against you one after the other – similar to how a baker kneads dough. This is your cat’s way of letting you know you’re their person and they are feeling affection towards you as their caregiver.

Showing Their Belly

Your cat may roll around when they’re simply in a playful mood, but showing you their belly in general tends to signify feelings of trust. If your cat feels they can be vulnerable around you and expose their belly, this means they trust you and love you.

Leaving You Their Prey

If your cat spends time outdoors, they may present you with a little surprise after they’ve been outside hunting. Although it might seem gross, it’s actually an affectionate and loving behavior in cats.  Leaving you their prey is essentially your cat’s way of sharing their bounty with the person they love.

Is Your Cat Not Showing You Affection?

Affectionate behaviors may present in different ways, depending on the temperament and health of your cat. If your furry friend has stopped being as affectionate as they usually are, they might be experiencing discomfort – either internally or environmentally. When you have concerns about your cat’s behavior or health, Catonsville Cat Clinic is your best resource. We have many years of professional experience in caring for cats both young and old,  and can help you better understand your cat’s behavior to ensure they stay healthy and happy.

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