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4 Myths About Neutering Your Cat

When you’re thinking about adopting a cat, it’s important to consider the neutering process. Some cats will already have been neutered or spayed when you go to adopt but others – especially young kittens – may not have undergone the procedure yet. Neutering in domestic animals is a medical procedure performed by a licensed veterinarian that removes reproductive organs from the body, most often before the animal’s organs are fully developed. There are plenty of misconceptions surrounding neutering in cats, and we’re here to debunk a few:

cat neutering

Myth #1 – After Neutering, My Cat Will Become Overweight

Although the neutering process typically lowers your cat’s drive to roam, this doesn’t mean they will gain excessive amounts of weight. As a pet owner, it’s important to maintain a proper diet for your cat throughout their life. Monitoring their food intake and ensuring they get enough exercise is an easy way to help your cat avoid obesity.

Myth #2 – Losing the Ability to Reproduce Will Traumatize My Cat

The primary reason cats reproduce is to ensure longevity of their species. Unlike humans, they do not have an emotional or psychological connection to their ability to reproduce. Cats are independent creatures by nature, and mothers typically allow their offspring to thrive on their own after the nursing period.

Myth #3 – My Cat is Too Old to Get Neutered

It is best to have a cat spayed or neutered when they are around 8 weeks old, as their reproductive organs are not yet fully developed, but this doesn’t mean they can’t undergo the procedure as adults. With proper bloodwork and testing beforehand, a licensed veterinarian can safely neuter your adult cat. In fact, neutering is significantly helpful in preventing hormonally-mediated cancers and uterine infections in cats as they age.

Myth #4 – Neutering My Cat Will Change Their Personality

Many believe that neutering a cat will fix behavioral problems. Unfortunately, your cat’s personality won’t be completely changed by the neutering process. Neutering does decrease hormone-driven behaviors in cats like urinating outside of the litter box and mounting other cats. However, training your cat properly has much more of an impact on their personality than does neutering.

Looking to get your cat spayed or neutered?

At Catonsville Cat Clinic, we provide a full range of surgical services including spay/neuter, mass removal, orthopedic surgery, and more. Our licensed veterinarians are dedicated to your cat’s health, and are happy to help with any issues they may have with their physical health, behavioral health, or otherwise. Reach out to our veterinary clinic today to learn more.

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