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Common Household Risks To Protect Your Kitten From

Kittens are very playful animals and get into almost everything!

Getting a new pet is extremely exciting, especially when that pet can fit in the palm of your hand. Kittens are adorable and can be a lot of fun, but they also require a lot of care and supervision. They are like young children in the way that they get into any and everything you could imagine. Kittens are very curious creatures and do not understand the dangers of the world around them, rather seeing it as a huge playground. It is your job to make sure that they are kept safe while they are exploring their new world. Here are some common household risks that you should protect your kitten from.

Don’t String Them Along

Kittens love to play with strings, or anything that dangles for that matter, but string can be very dangerous. There are a lot of cat toys that are sold specifically to hang from doorknobs. Be careful with these toys because they create the risk of strangulation for your kitten. If he/she jumps the wrong way, the string can get caught around their neck. An alternative to this would be to get a toy that isn’t long enough to wrap around your kitten’s neck and hang it from a shorter object. In addition, be sure to put away your shoes with long laces and keep your kitten away from curtain or window cords.

Dangerous Foods

While chocolate is a woman’s best friend, it is quite the opposite for kittens. Think twice before feeding your kitten table food because what is good for us may not be good for them. Certain foods are okay in moderation, but others should never even be presented to your kitten. Specifically, chocolate, onions, and garlic are three main foods that are extremely poisonous to your pet, causing their red blood cells to break down. This next one is hard to believe for a lot of people, but cats are actually lactose intolerant. The idea that you should give your cat a bowl of milk along with their water is nothing short of a myth. Cats do in fact like dairy products and will gladly drink milk if you present it to them, but it’s not good for their digestive system.


Electronics are not safe for your kitten because of the cord attached to it, but they seem to think those cords are the best toys they have ever found. The cords attached to electronic devices not only pose a threat for strangulation, but your kitten could also get electrocuted from chewing on them. There is even the possibility that they will pull on the cord and knock over your electronics. This could potentially injure your pet and your pockets if your device breaks.  Kittens are small, active, and very agile, making it easy for them to squeeze into small spaces and access almost every part of your home. It’s hard to keep all your cords out of their reach, so it is a good idea to keep the cords wrapped up and put some sort of fire safe material around it. Essentially, you need to “cat-proof” your entire home.

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